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Jim DuBois Joins Board of Directors

Jim DuBois has agreed to join AI Research Corporation's Board of Directors.

Here is his bio:

Jim DuBois served as Chief Information Officer and Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Corporation from May 2013 to September 2017. Mr. DuBois was accountable for the company’s global security, IT infrastructure, collaboration and all business applications.

Jim is a tech leader with a unique view of IT innovation and digital transformation along with a deep understanding of technical strategy, cyber security, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. He brings content about these topic areas to life with stories from his 25 years at Microsoft, especially leading the digital transformation as CIO as Satya Nadella reinvented Microsoft. Jim held many key leadership positions at Microsoft leading product and application teams, infrastructure and security teams, including serving as Microsoft’s Chief Information Security Officer and spending several years living in Asia and then Europe learning the Microsoft field business while running the respective regional IT teams.

Jim has been Board Director of Expeditors International, a Fortune 500 logistics company since May 2016. Since retiring from Microsoft, Jim has written a critically acclaimed book about the lessons he learned in the transformation at Microsoft, and has become very active in the startup community including serving as a Venture Advisor at Ignition Partners, a prominent Seattle-based venture capital company, and serving on the Advisory Board for several startups. In addition to AIR this includes Asignio, Collabra Technologies, Corent Technology, Cyemptive, nFusz, NoPasswords and Subsplash.

Before joining Microsoft, Mr. DuBois worked for Accenture, focusing on financial and distribution systems. He has degrees in computer science and business from the University of Washington.

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